How to Delete an Amazon Account? – A Detailed Guide

How to Delete an Amazon Account – A Detailed Guide

Deleting your Amazon account is a huge step and a person should think about this when they’re about to go through this process as it is irreversible, once it is done, you won’t be able to get anything back and you’ll lose access to everything. All your outstanding orders will be cancelled, your Amazon Prime subscriptions will end automatically and you will lose any gift cards that you had in your account. It is important that all the effects be observed and mandatory computations be made to satisfy the requirement for irreversibility before taking this action. In this article, we will be discussing everything you should be doing before, in between, or after the deletion of your Amazon account. Let’s get right into it then.

Before You Press the Delete Button:

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1. Effect on Orders and Services

Those, who are in search of information about Amazon account deletion, have to know that this action implicates several consequences, including the following:

  • Current Orders: Work-in-progress orders will have to be completed. Make sure there are no outstanding orders which should be executed as they are likely to be executed on closing the position.
  • Amazon Prime Membership and Subscriptions: It will also cancel the current memberships or subscriptions such as Amazon Prime, and Kindle Unlimited as well as other services associated with the account being deleted.
  • Digital Content: All of your digital media content such as; e-books, films, music, games, and other applications that you may have bought will be inaccessible to you, ensure you download and save it if you need them.

2. Data and Privacy Concerns

It is important to know how your data is being processed and what happens to it after account deletion in the case of Amazon.

  • Data Retention Policies: As with other user’s accounts, the company may still keep user data for a limited time for legal and business requirements even after the user has deleted his/her account. Check the data retention policies which will indicate what information will be retained.
  • Impact on Stored Data: Deletion will erase your personal data, transaction history, and the data that are stored by the website from the active Amazon database. Still, backups and archives containing this data may exist for a given amount of time.

3. Options other than deleting out of Facebook

Before committing to deleting your account, consider if there are less drastic alternatives that might address your concerns:

  • Disabling the Account: The second strategy that may be suitable for you if you wish to take a break from this social network, while keeping all of your information is temporarily suspending your account.
  • Adjusting Account Settings: There are usually other options with which you can minimize the interference by adjusting your settings; this does not involve having your account removed.

Preparation Steps:

There can be multiple causes of search suppression of your product; let us discuss some of the critical factors that can cause this issue:

1. Backup Important Data

Before proceeding with account deletion, it’s essential to back up any important data: If you are planning to delete an account, that requires erasing all the information linked with it, the following actions should be taken:

  • Download Order History: Based on this design, it will be useful to make a saved copy of your order history for use in the future. The common procedure that permits it does involve the ‘Your Orders’ section on the Amazon website.
  • Save Digital Content: In the same case, if you engaged in any of the digital sales, for instance, eBooks, music, and movies/TV shows, ensure that all the bought content is downloaded locally on your personal computers.

2. Cancelling Subscriptions and Services

Cancel any active subscriptions and services linked to your Amazon account: Terminate any monthly, annual, or any other kind of subscriptions and services that are associated with your Amazon account:

  • Amazon Prime: Go to “Account & Lists”, then your “Prime Membership” and lastly, “Cancel Prime Membership”.
  • Kindle Unlimited and Other Services: The next process is to navigate to the subscription management sections in question, followed by going through each cancellation.

3. Resolving Outstanding Issues

Ensure that any outstanding issues, such as returns, refunds, or disputes, are resolved before deleting your account: Make sure that there are no pending matters including returns, refunds, or disputes because the account will be deleted:

  • Disputes and Returns: For complaints or to return the product you were sold you can alert Amazon customer service or else you will be locked from using the account.
  • Refunds: It is wise you make sure that all the refunds that should be paid to you have been paid because the account complicates things.

Guide to Delete Your Amazon Account:

1. Account Deletion Page:

To start the account deletion process, follow these steps:  

  • Log In: Go to the Amazon login page and enter the email and password of your account.
  • Navigate to “Contact Us”: In the footer section, click on the “Help” or “Customer Service” link and then click on the “Contact Us” link.

2. Initiating the Deletion Request:

When you are on the “Contact Us” page, sign in to the Amazon account you want to delete. Select Account Issues then select the “Prime or Something Else” option.

Choose prime or something else
Image by Chris Hoffman

Then click on” Account Settings”.

click on account settings

Select the chat, phone, or email to receive Amazon customer service. If you’d like to have your account deleted, it is also easy; all you need to do is to ask and they will direct you on how to delete it.

3. Confirming Your Request

During this step:

  • Verification Process: After making an order on the Amazon online store, the store will follow up to confirm your identity so they can be sure that you are the owner of the account. Also, it’s important to stay ready to explain further details should it be as needed.
  • Follow-up Communication: You should be ready to receive an email or a message from Amazon acknowledging your request. They may ask for confirmation again before going to the next step.

4. Final Confirmation:

The final confirmation steps to delete an account on Amazon involve:

  • Final Steps to Confirm: Amazon may give additional steps to ensure that a user is serious about deleting his/her account.
  •  Timeline for Completion: The deletion process may however take about 3 to 5 days to be complete. It is critical during this time not to access or use this account.

After Account Deletion:

1. Verifying Account Deletion

Check to log in again to your record. If the entered account number is wrong, you should get the output for the account number as “Does Not Exist”.

2. Handling Residual Data

Learn about what happens after you delete your data:

  • Data Retention: A good portion of your data will cease to be in live systems but some of your data may be resident in backup or archive systems.
  • Privacy Concerns: Go through Amazon’s data retention policies to get specific information related to privacy concerns.

3. Recreating an Amazon Account

  • Creating a New Account: You only need to visit Amazon and sign up for a new account, the account should be operated with another email.
  • Considerations: The current order history, old data saved in the account, and the content, that was attached, will not be transferred to this new account.

Concluding Thoughts:

To delete your Amazon account, you first need to think about it and prepare for it since it is a huge step. Make sure you know the consequences, copy the files that you wish to use and close any issues that are likely to be present. Following this step-by-step guide, you will be able to delete your account seamlessly. Do not forget that once this is done, the process cannot be undone so you need to take time and factor all the possibilities that you have before concluding.


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