6 Must-Have AI Tools for Amazon Sellers

Artificial Intelligence or simply AI is the hottest topic of this decade. The recent advancements in technology have given birth to some amazing software or tools that can be used by anyone to make a difference. For example, ChatGPT is the first thing that comes to mind when we say something about AI. It has revolutionized how things work for marketers, salespeople, software developers, and even students. 

But this is not the only software that is changing the way how things work. There are many other AI-based tools that are used for certain use cases. The ecommerce industry, more specifically, Amazon marketing is no different. Tech-savvy Amazon sellers have utilized various tools in the past to optimise their store’s product listings, pricing strategies, brand elements, and overall marketing. 

Here, we will discuss some AI tools for Amazon sellers that can be utilised to achieve better results for your online presence on Amazon.

6 Best AI Tools For Amazon Sellers

Now let’s move on to the best AI tools for Amazon sellers that can be utilised to optimise your storefront for the platform to receive astonishing results, i.e., traffic and sales. All of the AI tools are carefully selected by our own Scaleforte’s Amazon team, ensuring you receive the right advice directly from the experts.

1. Browse AI

AI Competitor Research Tool

Browse AI - AI Competitor Research Tool

Browse AI is quickly becoming popular among ecommerce business owners thanks to its ability to offer amazing insights from your competitors. Currently, you might be visiting your competitors’ websites to check out how they are managing their business, but now you can get the robots to do your work. 

The “robots” do multiple tasks for the user, such as logging into a competitor’s website, clicking on a button, filling out a form, taking screenshots, and monitoring certain pages for changes. The competitors’ data is stored from 15 to 90 days, depending upon the plan you have. 

Key Features of Browse AI: 

  • Extract Data From Any Website – You can simply extract any data from product descriptions, titles, & features to pricing and overall content in a spreadsheet.
  • Monitor a Website For Changes – The “robots” allow you to monitor any website for content, UI, or any other changes and you’re notified every time a change occurs.
  • Integrations – A user can integrate Browse AI with tools such as Google Sheets, Zapier, Airtable, etc. to extract the information you have collected on the competitors and use it to your advantage.
  • Pricing: The best part is that you can get started with Browse AI for free and then purchase a paid plan once you make up your mind. Visit Browse AI’s pricing to get a more comprehensive overview.

2. Looka

AI Logo Maker & Branding Kit

Looka - AI Logo Maker & Branding Kit

Are you a new seller looking to sell products on Amazon? Back then, you had to hire a graphic designer to assist you with making a logo and creating overall brand elements for your store. But now it’s not a problem because you can use Looka.

Looka is an amazing AI tool for Amazon sellers who do not have enough budget to hire a graphic designer for their business. With Looka you can create your own logo as well as brand elements for social media, business cards, and even merchandise. 

Key Features of Looka: 

  • Custom Logo Designs – Looka offers hundreds of custom logo layouts with different colors, fonts, and layouts. You can choose the one that fits your business name.
  • A Variety of File Download Options – You can download the graphics in various formats, such as SVG, PNG, EPS, & PDF along with the options to change or remove backgrounds.
  • A Full Brand Kit – Looka offers a complete brand kit for your business that can be utilized for various purposes from invoices and fliers to email signatures.
  • Social Media Templates – If just making a logo and a whole brand kit wasn’t enough, it allows you to manage your complete social media presence. You can make cover photos, profile pictures, posts, and stories for FaceBook, Instagram, X, and many more platforms. 
  • Business Card Designs – Do you want to take your branding a step further with beautiful business cards? You can use 20+ business card templates to paste in your desired design and send the files to any local or on-demand printing services. 
  • Business Name Generator – Are you having trouble with deciding on a catchy name for your business? Use Looka’s AI business name generator to get 100s of ideas for your brand name.
  • Pricing: Everything on Looka is free to use. You’re only charged for the Brand Kit, which costs $96/year.

3. Jungle Scout’s AI Assist

AI Product Research & Listing Builder Tool

Jungle Scout - AI Product Research & Listing Builder Tool

If you have been living under a rock then you may not be aware of Jungle Scout, which has been in the market for years. Thousands of Amazon sellers are using Jungle Scout to do product and keyword research searches, keyword rank tracking, and PPC analysis. So, you can leverage Jungle Scout to do most of your store’s marketing operations.

Jungle Scout released an AI assistant in 2023 that allows its users to do the heavy lifting for them. The AI assist helps the sellers to automate certain tasks and delivers valuable insights to improve store visibility on the Amazon platform. Currently, it is offered in the Jungle Scout’s “Suite” plan that starts from $69/mo only. It can help you with finding the hot-selling products along with the keywords that you must incorporate in your product listings. Utilising such an effective AI product research tool will help you achieve higher platform visibility and, hence more traffic to your store.

Key Features of Jungle Scout’s AI Assist: 

  • Review Analysis – The AI assist offers deeper insight into the product reviews, allowing the sellers to capitalize on the customer queries and concerns regarding products.
  • Profitability Overview – The dashboard shows your financial performance in a user-friendly layout, helping you analyse revenues, costs, and much more.
  • Listing Builder – The AI assist function provides amazing recommendations for your product listings to optimise titles, descriptions, and features. It helps you keep your Amazon SEO game strong and impenetrable.
  • Chat Features – Are you a new seller who needs guidance or an experienced vendor who needs a quick check on something? You can directly chat with the AI assist bot to get an instant response.
  • Pricing: Jungle Scout’s plans start from $49/mo to $129/mo. Visit Jungle Scout’s pricing to get a more comprehensive overview of their pricing.

4. Repricer

AI Pricing Optimization Tool

Repricer - AI Pricing Optimization Tool

Repricer is another one of the best AI tools for Amazon sellers to have in their arsenal. This AI-based tool monitors the product prices of your competitors and automatically adjusts your prices to keep your store competitive in the market. 

You can set a desired profit margin and then the Repricer will automate the prices to not only keep you competitive but also help you secure your desired profit margins. The dashboard also has detailed analytics and reports to track store performance and adjust strategies as needed.

Key Features of Repricer: 

  • Covers all Amazon marketplaces – Repricer works efficiently in all 21 international marketplaces of Amazon with no additional charges.
  • Amazon Buy Box Predictor – Identifies the products with high and low probability of winning the buy box and takes action. 
  • Pricing Automation – Automates your pricing based on various factors, such as past sales, buy box performance, stock levels, fulfillment, and many more.
  • Sync across many platforms – Connect and sync your prices across Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and many more.
  • Pricing: Repricer’s pricing starts from $89/mo and goes as high as $1,249/mo. Visit Repricer’s pricing to get a detailed overview of its pricing and features.

5. Nozzle.AI

AI Amazon Marketing Automation Tool

Nozzle AI - AI Amazon Marketing Automation Tool

Nozzle.AI is the ultimate marketing analytics and optimisation AI tool for Amazon sellers. Amazon sellers like you utilise Nozzle.AI to optimise their marketing campaigns across various channels such as search engines, social media, Amazon, etc. 

You can use this AI Amazon marketing tool to stay ahead of the competition via real-time data insights, competitive analysis, and automated optimisation options. With Nozzle.AI, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to effectively improve marketing ROI and make informed marketing decisions.

Key Features of Nozzle.AI: 

  • Marketing Optimisation – Nozzle.AI is a must-have AI Amazon marketing tool to have up your arsenal. Its AI-assisted capabilities allow us to monitor and optimise marketing campaigns across various channels in real time.
  • Customer Purchase Journey – This AI marketing tool for Amazon shows the entire customer purchase journey, from the first visit to checkout. It helps with improving each part of the sales funnel, to make the consumer experience seamless.
  • User-Friendly Reporting – The user-friendly dashboard offers detailed reporting on key insights, such as daily performance summaries, monthly reports, and achievement of KPIs. No more guessing work is needed.
  • Customer Retention – It can be hard to differentiate between new customers and repeated customers at times, but with Nozzle.AI, Amazon sellers can easily identify if their marketing efforts have been fruitful in retaining customers.
  • Multiple Marketplace Integrations –  The premium plans have the option of setting up multiple marketplaces, so you can monitor business success and opportunities under one roof. 
  • Pricing: Nozzle AI offers pricing based on store revenue. An Amazon store with under $1 million revenue can pay $200/mo to get all the features. Visit Nozzle AI’s Pricing to know more.

6. Selesta

AI Product Listing Optimizer & Amazon SEO

Selesta - AI Product Listing Optimizer & Amazon SEO tool

Selesta offers an AI-powered Amazon product listing optimizer and SEO tool for Amazon sellers. This AI tool analyses descriptions, images, and keywords via advanced algorithms to provide a product listing score in terms of quality and effectiveness. The listing score comes with a detailed report on recommendations to improve product listing performance. 

Amazon sellers can easily configure the recommended changes in product listings to raise scores and enhance Amazon SEO. The boost in Amazon SEO increases store visibility, which ultimately leads to more traffic and sales.

Key Features of Selesta AI:

  • Automatic Content Generation – Selesta AI is great for Amazon SEO and offers keyword-rich content for your new product listings. A seller just has to add a few relevant keywords and it generates a whole product description along with more relevant, quality keywords.
  • Market Insights – This AI tool for Amazon sellers is more than just a listing optimiser, it provides valuable market insights to help you adopt the best market practices from your competition. So you can stay competitive and thrive in the long run.
  • Product Recommendations – Thanks to its advanced algorithms, Selesta offers effective product recommendations based on overall descriptions, images, and keywords. Amazon sellers can easily incorporate the suggested improvements to boost their store visibility.
  • Content Improvement – Worried about changing all the old messed-up product descriptions? Don’t worry because Selesta’s AI tool can assist you with improving the current content of all product listings seamlessly.
  • Pricing: Selesta doesn’t offer straightforward pricing to its users. But the positive reviews indicate how excellent its AI-powered marketing software is. Book a demo on Selesta’s website to get started.

Hire An Amazon Agency To Uplift Your Store Success!

So, these are the best AI tools for Amazon sellers like you. If you’re just starting out, then it’s best to explore what you can do on your own to enhance Amazon store success. But if you’re stuck at a certain point or need quick growth, then you’ll need the assistance of experts. Scaleforte’s Amazon team consists of the right people who fit this job. Feel free to contact us any time. Our Amazon marketing team has helped several clients achieve their business goals. Schedule a free meeting for our Amazon marketing services today.

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