Top 5 trends in Amazon Marketing in 2024

Top 5 Trends in Amazon Marketing

Amazon is a key component to online shopping. Around 63% of online shoppers direct themselves to Amazon in search of  a product rather than searching on google. Thus creating an Amazon presence for your ecommerce business, will increase your sales and will help you put your business on the map. However, there is an abundance of businesses on Amazon who are selling products some even quite similar to yours. So, in order to get your business on the top you must be aware of the latest trends in Amazon marketing.

What is Amazon Marketing?

The term “Amazon marketing” describes the range of tactics and initiatives used by companies to advertise and sell their goods on the Amazon marketplace. Being one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, Amazon offers vendors a variety of resources and chances to connect with a big consumer base. A few crucial facets of Amazon marketing are as follows:

  • Product Listings Optimisation: It’s critical to create product listings that are both interesting and educational. Product titles, descriptions, photos, and other features must all be optimised in order to increase visibility and draw in potential buyers.
  • Amazon SEO: Amazon uses its own algorithm to rank products, just like search engines do. This is known as Amazon SEO, or search engine optimisation. Vendors employ search engine optimisation strategies to increase the visibility of product listings in Amazon platform search results. Some vendors also outsource the SEO to a third party to boost product listing rankings.
  • Paid Advertising: Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Display ads are just a few of the Amazon advertising features that Amazon provides. In order to have their products shown prominently to people who are looking for similar items, sellers can place bids on keywords.
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing: Some businesses leverage Amazon’s affiliate program to partner with influencers or other websites. Affiliates earn a commission for each sale generated through their unique affiliate links.
  • Amazon Storefronts: Businesses can create custom Amazon Storefronts to showcase their brand and a curated selection of products. This provides a branded shopping experience for customers.

How Do You Choose the Right Product Category to Sell on Amazon?

Selecting the appropriate product category for selling on Amazon can be a straightforward process. 

Begin by downloading the SellerApp Chrome Extension using the provided link.

Navigate to Amazon, launch the extension, and input the product or category you wish to assess. Upon loading the results, select the SellerApp Chrome extension icon, then choose Product Scanner. Delve into various metrics to assess the potential in the category, including:

  • Estimated Daily Order
  • Estimated Daily Revenue
  • Opportunity Score
  • Listing Quality

Trends in Amazon Marketing to Embed into Your Strategy

Given the recent alterations in the Amazon Ads landscape and the evolving preferences of e-commerce consumers, numerous businesses will find it necessary to enhance their marketing approach. To thrive in the current competitive environment, organizations must adopt more adaptable advertising strategies, prioritize customer-centric initiatives, and embrace the utilization of data. Here are the top trends in Amazon marketing that you must be aware of!

1) Increase in Sponsored Display Ads

More and more Amazon sellers are increasing their advertising spend on the platform to leverage the potential of sponsored ad campaigns on Amazon.

Amazon provides a diverse array of display advertising choices designed to boost brand expansion, visibility, and conversions. Through the Amazon Brand Registry, businesses can employ this paid advertising method to reach and re-engage customers, both within and beyond the Amazon platform, utilizing ads centered on their products. 

Sponsored display ads, in particular, are widely favored on Amazon due to their precise targeting capabilities. Instead of relying solely on keywords, these tools enable advertisers to zero in on customers based on their individual buying preferences. 

2) Changing Best Seller Choices

Amazon has prioritized the top-performing items in various categories and presents them on main page, facilitating quick discovery of the most popular products. A method for identifying trending products on Amazon is to visit the best sellers pages on You must always aim for ranking on best seller pages by asking for reviews from your customers, and of course, improving product ranks.

Best seller pages undergoes regular updates, ensuring that listed items are currently trending. While the Best Sellers page offers a list of leading products, it lacks in-depth details. As a seller, you can leverage the AMZScout PRO Extension to delve into essential sales metrics for these top products, helping you determine their suitability for your business.

3) Third-Party Keyword Research Tools

An effective method for identifying trends in Amazon searches involves employing a keyword search tool. Majority of sellers now utilise third-party keyword research tools for Amazon to find new keywords and rank their products on them.

By utilizing such a tool, you can analyze the keywords and phrases that users are actively searching for on the platform. This allows you to stay abreast of emerging trends and optimize your product listings to align with popular search queries, ultimately enhancing your visibility and reach on Amazon.

4) Investing in Omnichannel Marketing

While Amazon may be the number one e-commerce channel for customers today, it’s not the only platform consumers use to learn about brands and businesses. Similarly, customers are looking for a wider range of different styles of content to help them learn about products, from videos and images to blog posts and social media content.

Creating an omnichannel marketing campaign is how you ensure you can get your product and company in front of consumers wherever they are. The right approach is to outsource your marketing to an Amazon marketing agency as it’s quite complex for business owners to manage complete marketing of their Amazon business.

5) Online Amazon Webinars & Sessions

Attending online webinars is a great way to discover trending product ideas. These webinars are led by experienced sellers who share their strategies and reveal insider knowledge. You also have the opportunity to inquire about specific topics of interest to you. By participating in these webinars, you can find potential niches and products, allowing for further in-depth analysis so you can select the optimal choice for your needs.

Let Scaleforte Manage Your Marketing

In the swiftly expanding eCommerce landscape, it is crucial to stay abreast of the latest developments. To navigate the intensifying competition, consistent research becomes paramount for identifying and incorporating new and popular products into your inventory.

This guide equips you with the knowledge to discover trending items on Amazon, empowering you to select the optimal products for your business. But the real world scenarios are much more complex to understand as each business is different with a different market.

In this regard, it’s ideal to outsource your marketing to an Amazon marketing company, so you can save your time and money. Scaleforte has helped various clients over the years with increasing store traffic and sales. You can contact us to get started with Amazon marketing services, our experts handle your marketing while you take care of your business operations.

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