How to hire a remote mobile app developer? Step-by-Step Guide

Approximately 85% of the world’s population uses smartphones. More shockingly 79% of smartphone owners use them for online purchases. Online marketing is surely going to give any business the boost that it rightly deserves.

As easy as it sounds and as convenient as it can be hiring a remote employee for any nature of work can be a nerve wrecking experience. Mobile app developers more specifically might not have a degree or a background in the field but have been inclined professionally and learned it along the way. That is why you should never hire an app developer at random without knowing their expertise in their field. But to counter this problem you have two options; either hire mobile app developers from a software development agency or go for freelance developers on freelancing websites.

 In order to ensure you have hired the best person suitable for the required job you need to follow certain steps. We have compiled a step-by-step guide on how to hire mobile app developers for you to follow. Don’t miss out any steps and you will have the best remote mobile app developer in no time.

How to hire a remote mobile app developer?

  • Assess Your Goals
  • Decide A Platform
  • Allocate Budget
  • Interview the App Developer
  • Assess the Adaptability of the Developer

1) Make Your Goals – Native or Hybrid Apps?

The first and foremost step of hiring an employee of any kind starts with extensive research. You need to determine your goals first and only then you can find someone who can help you achieve those goals. Clearly defined goals help in the perfect alignment of your newly hired employee.

Research also means that you know exactly what your app should do and the target audience for your business and services so that the remote app developer can design it accordingly keeping the target demographics in mind.

Functionality, design and product concept are crucial for a successful mobile app development. All of these should be conveyed to either the freelancer or the app developing company that is hired to avoid any inconvenience in the future on part of both the employers and the employee.

2) Decide a Platform – Freelancers or Software Agency?

The next step is deciding a platform for the app. That is probably the first thing you have to convey to the developer as well. Do your research and find out about the multiple platforms such as Android/iOS platforms because their understanding will help you choose one based on your business, budget, target audience, app design and functionality.

You need to hire a mobile app developer that knows fully well the limitations and guidelines of these platforms. Usually, companies that provide app developing services have skilled professionals who can work on both platforms whereas the freelancers might be inclined towards any one platform because of their limited expertise.

So, hiring one through an organized channel that is a well establish company in this case will be better suited to most businesses as they can work according to your needs and you don’t have to compromise and change your plans according to their skill set.

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3) Budget Allocation – Don’t Fall For the Price

When hiring a remote mobile app developer “DO NOT FALL FOR THE LOW PRICE!” Low price does not always mean good quality. Sometimes the freelancers quote a low price to lure in potential employers. But that also does not mean that you must spend a fortune in order to get that app that your business desperately needs to grow.

Ideally your budget should be flexible if you want to hire an experienced mobile app developer whether it is a freelancer or an organized company providing you with one. The budget also depends on the platform so deciding on a platform before hand is better suited to the process of hiring an app developer. You do not only need a budget for the initial development of the app but also to invest in its future growth so a healthy balance should be maintained when deciding the cost of the app.

Companies that provide app developing services might be costlier in this regard as compared to the freelance app developers but hiring a well reputed and established developer through a company is better in the long run as compared to freelance developers which might seem more budget friendly at first but will always pose a risk of unreliability which in turn will cost you your peace of mind.

4) Interviewing the App Developer – are they the one?

The app developer that you hire will be an important part of your business and its growth in the future so keeping that in mind we have prepared a short list of points to ponder and questions to address during your first interaction with a remote mobile app developer which might aid in hiring the best of the best.

That's what you need to do!

• Check app developer’s experience
• Examine portfolio
• Examine expertise in communication
• Set straightforward standards
• Communicate
• Know their technologies

There are multitudes of sites offering freelancers that have the required skill set for designing apps like TopTal, Upwork, Flexiple, Qinsta, Cubix and many others. You can easily get in touch with the app developers and schedule an interview to see if you can find somebody according to the need of your business.

Hiring app developing services through a company means the interview will be shorter and much more direct without you having to worry about running a background check the company will offer client testimonials and a host of other reviews to for content.

The professionals working for the company will ensure you get comprehensive services with diverse expertise. You’ll have access to a team of professionals, including project managers, designers, and testers, aside from the developers which is essential for the long term development of the business and the maintenance of the app.

5) App Maintenance – It’s not a one time thing

Designing a mobile app is not a one time thing it is an ongoing process that needs to updated and modified continuously which is why it is best to communicate this to your developer during the interview that you will need their expertise for an indefinite period of time.

After launching an app it needs several updates and new features to engage the interest of the audience. Be clear about pricing, availability after launch, and all other details concerning mobile app development services.

Companies tend to be more reliable and accountable for delivering the project within the stipulated timeline and budget. They usually offer ongoing support and maintenance, which is crucial for the app’s long-term stability and performance.

Final Thoughts..

The choice between hiring a company or a freelancer depends on your project’s complexity, budget, timeline, and the level of support you anticipate needing. For larger, more complex projects requiring ongoing maintenance, a company might be the safer bet. For smaller projects or those with a tighter budget, a skilled freelancer could provide a more cost-effective and flexible solution.

While it might seem like that this guide is comprehensive enough to help you hire a remote mobile app developer on your own it is not that easy. The internet is a dark place full of scams which is why you need to be careful and look out for these red flags during your search and also avoid making the common mistakes that might lead you towards failure and loss:

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