How to pay via PayPal on Amazon?

How to pay via PayPal on Amazon

Some customers or Amazon Prime members prefer to use their Paypal for their transactions while others may want to check out personalised ads. Nonetheless, since PayPal has not been yet among the direct payment options of Amazon for the checkout process, all these options are not always providing the simple and untroubled blending. The above problem does not mean the end of the road, however, and there are other effective approaches (the loopholes) to help customers to use their paypal accounts for the purposes of making Amazon purchases. And let us take a look at four approaches that deploy PayPal together with your Amazon purchase experience. Here we will show you a step to step guide on how to pay via PayPal on Amazon.

How to pay via PayPal on Amazon?

Step 1: Go to the Amazon website

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First step is quick and easy, just visit the Amazon website to get started with the process of adding your PayPal payment method. You will be redirected to the marketplace according to your location automatically, so ensure you’re using your live location and not using any VPNs at the moment.

Step 2: Click on Account and Lists

Amazon uk account & lists

Now click on the “Account and Lists” on the top right corner of the page. Find the “Your Account” option on the right side and scroll down to the first option, “Account”. This option may vary depending on your location, such as the names can be different for users in United Kingdom compared to US-based users.

Step 3: Select Your Payments

When you select your account from the dropdown, a new web page will open with various options for your Amazon account. Here, you will need to select “Your Payments” to add your desired payment methods, i.e., in this case your PayPal account details.

Step 4: Add PayPal as a Payment method.

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When you’ll open “Your Payments”, you will need to scroll down to the Wallet tab and click on “Add a Payment Method”. Again, the name of options may vary depending on geographical location, so choose the most similar option that you find on each step. Here, choose the option “Add Credit or debit cards” to integrate your PayPal account with Amazon.

Step 5: Input your card details to Start Using PayPal

how to add paypal card details

Here, you will need to enter your PayPal card details and verify it to start using PayPal. That’s it!

Now you’re good to go and you can start using PayPal to pay for the products that you purchase on Amazon. If you stay logged in, you won’t have to enter the details every time.

PayPal offers two credit cards in collaboration with Mastercard: the PayPal Cash Back Mastercard and the PayPal Extras Mastercard. These credit cards are exclusive to PayPal account holders and function similarly to regular credit cards. They can be used for online and in-store purchases. However, it’s important to note that when using these cards, the PayPal balance does not directly cover the cost of purchases. Another option is to use PayPal to buy Amazon gift cards from authorised websites like eGifter and Best Buy. These gift cards can be purchased using funds from a PayPal account and can then be used as a payment method on Amazon.

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Pay with the PayPal Cash Card

More and more people shop at Amazon and their PayPal payments are also very popular. PayPal also provides two credit card options in collaboration with Mastercard: among the PayPal Cash Back Mastercard and the PayPal Extras Mastercard is another master credit card commodity. Such cards of the PayPal credit card design are available to all PayPal account holders only and they are pretty much the same as just the classical ones. With the help of mobile phones and the internet, this will let customers choose their orders online and by brick-and-mortar shops. Better grab the flashlight so I can navigate through the whispering reeds of the darkness. This mentioned post will explore a mystical region organised around bats. These stunning creatures, the hummingbirds, feeding and flying with their majestic wings that dwarf me as a human, have been with me since I was a child. Let’s start this interesting experience with you and we will see the fine web of connections between the lives of bats and the environmental order. Nevertheless, you should know that when you use this card, the raise of the balance is coming from a different source as PayPal [which is] paying with your account money.

Amazon Gift Card

This could be seen as an effective way of buying Amazon gift cards when you want to make use of these cards in your z Amazon purchases. When you purchase the card, you can browse to ShopWithGroupon and Best Buy websites, and complete the transaction with your digital cash. Once the card is en-route the best thing that you could do was to visit the Amazon store for the actual purchase as if you were using any normal payment method.

What is PayPal Key?

PayPal Key facilitates shopping online by having users replace their PayPal cards with a virtual card using PayPal account information. Through this new innovation, their Visa number will be generated at random, making them able to transact safely online with retailers it accepts, one of which is Amazon. Customers can shop with confidence knowing that PayPal Key seamlessly combines the security measures next to card payment from Mastercard for a greater convenience during the whole process.

PayPal Key provides extraordinary flexibility by adjusting to business needs. People can define and keep accounts spending via their PayPal connection. Such virtual cards can be managed and accessed from the PayPal account. This level of control is completely dedicated to user personalization, and the ability to customise user card parameters as they see fit, thus leading to an enhanced sense of peace and security.

Why Amazon doesn't offer a direct option to add PayPal?

In the checkout process of Amazon, the lack of PayPal as direct payment option is worth mentioning as it is the case for Amazon Dot com. Although the real reasons for the go-ahead and not to-no authorization taken by both companies will forever remain secret, undoubtedly there are multiple factors that are contributing to the decision. Another question may arise related to the level of the competition line within the Internet payment niche. Amazon offers its own payment processing service, Amazon Pay, to compete with PayPal directly. Amazon would likely selectively exhibit Amazon Pay, and might not even mention PayPal while emphasising its own e-payment service.

Furthermore, sometimes the considerations are tactical or contractual, which can affect the final outcome. Instead of Amazon, it might be other payment providers that have existing partnerships or agreements with other payment providers and thus, make it unfeasible for them to start PayPal integration. In addition, it is often difficult to implement the new payment methods, which are particularly difficult for complex e-commerce systems like Amazon in connection with resource needs. Though PayPal users might feel their direct placement on Amazon lacking, this problem can be solved in multiple ways: congruence PayPal cards with PayPal gift or using PayPal related credit cards as an alternative.

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