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Jungle Scout is the ultimate all-in-one marketing tool in the world of Amazon where everyone is in the run to be the best. Jungle Scout offers multiple features which are specifically designed to get through all the complexities of Amazon. It starts from product research to an analysis of your competition, optimization of keywords and estimation of sales.

Jungle Scout carries a lot of significance for all Amazon users, it enables sellers to do the following:

  • It helps evaluate the strategies of your competitors and their performance to get a jump on them.
  • The performance of your performance can be monitored along with market trends.
  • It is also used to optimize relevant keywords and optimize the product listings so that your SEO can be improved

Let’s see how to use Jungle Scout, so you can start promoting your Amazon business and beat the competition.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a tool, founded by Greg Mercer in 2015, he was entrepreneur who had a background in engineering and a knack for e-commerce. He designed it to tackle the pain points of people working in the Amazon marketplace, helping them succeed in the Amazon marketplace sooner than they expect. It allows the user to access multiple number of features like tracking product performance, analysing your product competition, profitability estimation, helps in discovering keywords that are being searched more, lastly it also assigns a score called the “Opportunity Score” to your specific product that basically predicts factors like competition and demand for your product.

How to use Jungle Scout? (+ Key Features)

Jungle Scout can help you set up and run your business from the very start in finding your desirable product to relevant keywords, suppliers for your product, tracking your sales and product performance, managing your product inventory, product listing, analysing reviews and review outreach. 

Finally, let’s move on to your question of how to use Jungle Scout. Below are the features/uses of Jungle Scout:

1) Dashboard Overview:

Jungle Scout can help you set up and run your business from the very start in finding your desirable product to relevant keywords, suppliers for your product, tracking your sales and product performance, managing your product inventory, product listing, analysing reviews and review outreach.

2) Product Discovery:

Next, you need to find your desired product from a huge database of Amazon. With the help of Jungle Scout, you can search for different product ideas that matches with your benchmark, with the help of the Product Database, Opportunity Finder and Jungle Scout’s Extensions you can search for your product with extensive data to support your choice.

3) Keyword Research & Optimization:

Now, another important task is to conduct keyword research for your product so that you can rank higher in search results and can get to your customer base for higher sales and profits, for this you will use Keyword Scout and Rank Tracker, with these two powerful tools you will be successful in finding the right keywords for your product.

4) Supplier Identification:

The next step will include finding a supplier of your product with the help of the Supplier Database, this is a convenient way for you to get the supplier information, product samples and initial quotes so that you can make up your mind if that specific supplier is the right fit for you or not.

5) SEO Strategy Development:

The next thing you want is a fool-proof SEO strategy so that it can reach to the customer base that you have in mind, it can be done through Listing Builder with AI Assist, this can create fully optimized titles and product descriptions that are SEO friendly and according to the keywords you’ve chosen before.

6) Review Management & Analysis:

The later stage will be to boost your ranking through “Review Automation” in which review requests will be sent to your customers automatically which will save your precious time and also increase the number of chances you have to get more reviews out of your customers. Connected to this step is another step in which you analyse your product reviews through the AI Assist feature of Jungle Scout for Review Analysis. This makes it easier for you to get insights on your products, any suggestions your customers have for any improvement, basically it is a detailed analysis of all your product reviews.

7) Sales Analytics & Inventory Management:

Lastly, we have Sales Analytics and Inventory Manager, Sales Analytics will help you keep a track of all your expenses from PPC to FBA fees and other important business expenses like marketing and packaging. Secondly, we have Inventory Manager, a very useful tool which will help you in keeping track of the inventory you are left with so that you never have to worry about running out of it. It can also help you get your average daily sales so that you keep it in mind and have your inventory stocked according to this.

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How Amazon Sellers benefit from Jungle Scout?

How Amazon Sellers benefit from Jungle Scout

Sellers on Amazon can benefit from Jungle Scout in following ways:

1) Quick & Accurate Product Research

Jungle Scout helps Amazon sellers to find products according to real-time market trends, insights, level of demands amongst customers and the competition for that specific product. It can also help sellers to research about the niche they want to get in and also the identify unique opportunities in finding a new product for their business.

2) Detailed Competitor Analysis

With Jungle Scout, new sellers can do detailed research about their competitors and what their competitors are doing, also sellers can look through their strategies and try to understand them so that they can outperform their competitors in all ways possible. Sellers can identify sales, pricing, market gaps and other factors which can further help them in getting the best out of their product.

3) Updated Keywords Data

Jungle Scout also provides a keyword research tool with it which helps sellers look for keywords that have relevance with their products along with high search volume and low competition which are easy to rank in and it can help sellers improve their visibility on Amazon product pages.

4) Optimized ASINs

Jungle Scout also helps to optimize product listings so that conversion rates and product sales can be maximized, through this seller can highly optimize their product titles, product descriptions and product images which is based on real-time data, in return it makes sure that their listings stand out to potential customers resulting in increased sales.

5) Easy Supplier Sourcing

Sellers can also look for suppliers based on multiple filters like their location, product category and the minimum quantity that they want to order for the product, through this seller can look for Amazon trusted suppliers and manufacturers for the desired products of the seller.

Pricing Plans for Jungle Scout:

It offers the following three pricing plans:

Jungle Scout Pricing & Plans

I) Basic

This plan is priced at a mere $29 per month or $349 for a year and is for new Amazon sellers who have just entered the market to determine new innovative ventures. It also includes full access to Jungle Scout Extensions for Google Chrome.

II) Suite

This is a more advance version and is priced at $49 per month or $589 per year. It includes unlimited product and keyword research, an in-depth PPC analysis, review automation and everything in the basic plan too. This is also the most used plan amongst all Amazon sellers.

III) Professional

This is the most developed plan for Jungle Scout which is priced at $84 per month or $999 per year, it includes everything in the Basic plus the Suite plan, furthermore it can track up to two years of keyword data and 6 month of product tracking data and can also track up to 1000 Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) which can help users get detailed access to data about the specific product they want to search on.

Pros & Cons of Jungle Scout:

As everything has its pros and cons, so does Jungle Scout:



Scaleforte’s Implementation of Jungle Scout:

With our team of expert individuals specializing in Jungle Scout and other Amazon related tools, it is safe to say that we can do wonders for your business, starting from product search to extracting keywords for your products that would help you generate profit and increase your sales.

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