What is Buy Box in Amazon?

What is amazon buy box

So, what is Buy Box in Amazon? In a rather energetic Amazon market, being the buy box winner is by all means equivalent to owning the gold medal position of the highest podium. It made the waves —by being the highest number of product publications, turning it into the ultimate point for sellers that plan to rocket their sales. The great mystery for sellers, though, is how they possibly can succeed and increasingly win the Buy Box against a multitude of rivals. Don’t worry, our top notch guide will assist you in conquering this seemingly daunting path and become the fierce performer you were born to be!

What is Buy Box in Amazon?

Amazon Buy Box

“Buy Box” is the part of an Amazon product page where customers can add items to their cart without any hassle. The fame of “Buy Box” is not all about visibility; it is about getting the credibility and trust of Amazon’s gigantic customers. And to top all that, to own this strategically advantageous location will not be a walk in the park either. This means needed to have a thorough grasp throughout Amazon algorithms, policies, and the commodities that influence Buy Box credibility.

Strategies for Buy Box Success

To undoubtedly win the battle for the Buy Box in this marketplace of gives and takes, omni-channel sellers need to organise a targeted battle tank based on a combination of weapons characteristic to Amazon with the purpose of winning and dominating. Listing products well should be the first step done. To begin with, this will entail making creative titles, detailed descriptions, and high-quality images that would hook the customers as well as to increase the rate of conversions. Besides that, for your product to be recognized among the myriad of results that Amazon’s algorithm produces, you need to make sure you’re maintaining a competitive price with fast and reliable shipping.

Leveraging Data Analytics & Automation

Success includes the secret of winning both campaigns and elections, which was the most critical component.As we move in the time of e-commerce that is capable of vanishing in a matter of seconds, data is the mightiest ruler now. Sellers need to use the data analytics and automation tools in order to gain the competitive edge of the performance statistics investigation and exposed the further development opportunities. Sellers can keep track of the primary KPIs or metrics such as Buy Box Percentage, Seller Rating and Fulfillment metrics to effectively tune their strategy and maintain that lead over competitors.

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Building Customer Trust & Loyalty

Collectively, these factors form the very foundation of your Buy Box dominance. Besides algorithms and metrics, it is essential to concentrate on earning consumers’ trust and loyalty which is the key to making the greatest revenue on a given product. Customer service excellence is always a class irrespective of prompt replies to customer questions and concerns and keeping up a reliable seller rating is all that is required of a seller seeking to fly over Amazon’s choosy shoppers. Through constant focus on placing customers first and by engaging them in positive interactions sellers can be able to create a pool of customers who will return again—such customers will also recommend the product or service to their friends!

Participating in Buy Box Eligibility?

Among all professional sellers whose business is robust enough to pass all certain competitive tests, the most competitive one is able to earn a Buy Box (formerly Featured Merchant) Given that, this eligibility is mainly provided at the account-level yet it might apply on a product-to-product basis.The incurring of any extra charges however is not required for sellers to comply. All that is needed is a continued performance at the right level of quality. Poor ratings, high returns, and a bad seller rating all expose a threat of Buy Box ineligibility.

Participants from the pool of qualifying sellers participate in Buy Box competition hence not appearing in that section makes them eligible for the More Buying Choices section. Even though the participants on Amazon cannot be absolutely sure about being present in either of the segments, the only chance for sellers is to enter the contest.

Certified professionals who have managed to meet the conditions and the specified score are able to participate in Buy Box, which is the commercial way of descripting a featured merchant.

Eligibility Criteria For Amazon Buy Box

The requirements for chance to be considered a Buy Box potential are primarily set by Amazon and can differ between goods categories. Conversely, the lack of a standard system for substitution makes it difficult for the Buy Box eligibility to be fixed.

  • Order Defect Rate (ODR): ODR is determined from client feedback, A/Z guarantee decline and chargebacks.
  • Seller Metrics: Eligibility for Buy Box can be determined on the basis of performance of sellers as measured by performance standards as indicated in seller performance evaluation.
  • Customer Experience: Consideration of customers’ eligibility might depend on delivery speed, a variety of shipping options, competitive pricing, and participation in FBA, a quality of customer service.
  • Seller Tenure and Experience: The length of time, as well as the regularity with which a shopholder may use the Amazon interface to sell items may affect their eligibility.
  • Pro Merchant Status: Pro participation may affect a vendor’s chances of winning the ‘Buy Box.’ Priorly, who has been qualified (used to be known as Featured Merchant) could be figured out by checking Offer Listing Page. Nevertheless, selling as an individual makes it impossible for you to reach the Seller Central account and thus access this information.


To achieve this, vendors must meet extremely high standards and sellers will be granted Buy Box eligibility by surpassing many qualifying areas or by performing excellently in one or more of the qualifying aspects.

How to enhance seller performance metrics?

  • Accurate Listing: Conditions classification, titles, descriptions and categories are some trends of attention for sellers. At the same time, product conditions must be clearly indicated for avoiding customer’s confusion.
  • Precise Shipping: After complete filling procedures protecting clients from getting wrong-sized or defective products, increasing shopper confidence will be provided.
  • Timely Shipping: Order expeditiousness and meeting the specified deadlines particularly during the peak period is mandatory for obtaining excellent ratings and buying box is in a separate bonus. Prompt shipment confirmation is essential on part seller to keep customers from being frustrated and could lead to order cancellation as well and ongoing communication with consumers must be a priority.
  • Customer Communication: Open communication throughout the process not only promotes belief in us by customers but also helps us to achieve high-quality and efficiency in services/products. Vendors may navigate through the platform and inform customers of any purchase or shipment alterations, particularly any delays.

Concluding Thoughts

The ones who want to change their status rapidly can make use of Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) or the same. A very few sale items on popular products at attractive prices and through Amazon Buy Box can also be considered as a gateway to automatic eligibility even the ones which have not been provided services by Amazon.

In the case that sellers think that they satisfy all the criteria but they haven’t been given the eligibility status, then they can directly contact the Amazon seller support to ask them for the fear that they may be given this condition.

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